WN Eastern Europe Online + St. Petersburg Offline Developer Showcase
Would you like to reach publishers, investors and media from all over the world? Showcase your game at the WN Eastern Europe Online and/or at the WN St. Petersburg Offline on July 9-10, 2021!

- If you join only the Online Developer Showcase - we will provide you with 1 Online Premium Pass per team for free. You can register other team members here: https://wnconf.com/eastern-europe-21#registration

- If you also join the Offline Developer Exhibition in St. Petersburg - we will provide you with 1 Premium Pass (offline + online)

Please pay attention: in the form below put the name of the team member who will receive a free Premium Pass.

Games at different development stages are accepted. Please pay attention that each application will be considered. We have the right to reject your application.

Applications are accepted until June 23, 2021.

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