GeCCo 2019/20 Application Form and Assessment for Individual Participants
Are you interested in project management? Would you like to get a new experience within the international team?
If so, do not hesitate to join Global eCollaboration Competition, 24 hour online case study competition in the virtual multicultural environment. Get new knowledge for your future professional life! Have fun with people with the same passion!

Please, take few minutes to fill in the form as well as short assessment in the last section.

For any questions, feel free to contact us at or

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board!

Find out if your country is participating here: and get in contact with your Local Organizer (LO) in case of any questions.

Join us! #geccojourney
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If so, please specify in detail which experience in PM you have. Explain/describe what kind of a projects you have been working on, type of PM, your role in the process...
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How would you evaluate a level of your project management skills?
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Write down 3-4 sentences about what your friends like and dislike about you, your personality and manners.
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What is your motivation? What you are looking forward to the most? How could be GeCCo beneficial to you?
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Participants responsibilities
The Responsibilities of the participants include:
a) Elected participant has to follow instructions of Young Crew Local Organizer and participate in the GeCCo pre-case study and GeCCo live event (competition) which will be held on March 14-15, 2020.
b) In the extreme case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances elected participant might not participate. In this case he/she has to inform Local Organizer at least 48 hours before GeCCo pre-case study starts.

Please be informed that during the GeCCo competition video and /or photo content can be produced and published.
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