AHA Mid-Season Parents Survey
The Hockey Operation Committee would like feed back from our members. We have reached the halfway mark in our game schedule. As parents, we often have thoughts and concerns about how the season is progressing. While the Hockey Operations Group is available for conversations at the rink, and open to email communication, the reality is that we don't hear much from our membership until an issue comes to a head.

We would like you to take this short survey and add comments. With this communication, we hope to make each players hockey experience with AHA the best it can be. Ultimately we hope they enjoy coming to the rink and feel good about the experience when they leave. The evidence tells us that this is how we keep kids involved in sports, whether they choose another sport or stick with hockey, they learn a lot about what they can achieve and how to be a teammate.

Thank You for your time and dedication to Amherst Hockey.
The Hockey Operation Committee for AHA

Tom Beckwith, VP Hockey Operations -- twbbookman@charter.net
Ryan Scott
Stephen Rich
Gary Elson
David Schein, Coach in Chief
Dan Feldman, President AHA

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