Help Keep Girls On Track!
Thanks for your interest in contributing your time and skills to the Girls On Track Foundation!

Here's your chance to tell us what you are fabulous at! Or what you want to learn to be fabulous at :) Don't worry, there will be leadership and guidance provided to all these roles... and there's also a spot to let us know if you'd like to take the lead on something.

1. What is your first name? *
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4. What is your derby name (if you have one)?
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5. Are you connected with a roller derby league of any kind? If so, please name it here, without abbreviation.
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6. Where would you like to contribute? *
Graphic Design
Video Production
Grant Writing
Writing (newsletter, social media content etc)
Fundraising activities (sponsorship, campaigns)
Social Media Team (posting, creating content, sharing, etc)
Bookkeeping / Finance
Legal - filings, administration, guidance
Website management / development (Wordpress)
Administrative efforts - managing databases, project-based work, research, etc.
People-wrangling - coordinating volunteers, liaisons, members
7. Are you interested in taking a lead role in any of the areas you checked above? (In Question 9 you can tell us more) *
8. What is your availability? *
9. In what city are you located? *
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