Walker County School District Family Engagement Survey-Spring 2019
Please take a few moments to answer questions on this brief survey (only 16 questions) that will provide us with information needed to help us evaluate and improve how our schools, families, and parents work together to help all students achieve academically. If you have children who attend different schools in the Walker County School District in grades K-8, we ask that you please complete separate surveys for each school that your children attend.
What school does your child attend? *
In what grade is your child enrolled? *
What is your relationship to your child? Please select the answer that best describes your relationship. *
How well does your child's school create an environment that helps your child learn? *
How often do you communicate with teachers at your child's school? *
Did you participate in any of the following decision making opportunities requiring parent input and partnership between August 2018 and now? If so, please select all opportunities you participated in below. *
How satisfied are you with the way you are included in the decisions made about your child's school?
How confident do you feel in making sure your child's school meets the learning needs of your child? *
How satisfied are you with the way your child's school works with parents and family members? *
Do you have internet access *
How often do you visit your child's school website? *
How often do you visit the school district website?
Do you follow your child's school on Facebook? *
Do you follow Walker County Schools on Facebook? *
During this school year, did you participate in a Parent/Family Engagement activity, event or program at your child's school? *
Are you satisfied with the services provided by the school to help you support your child academically? *
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