Brighton Fashion Week 15th - 18th October 2015

Brighton Fashion Week offers a fresh approach to promote sustainability within the fashion industry. Our aim is to encourage as many excellent quality innovative sustainable fashion brands to showcase at the event as possible and showcase the very best in sustainable fashion. We also work with new designers at the start of their careers to adopt ethical practices in their work.
Brighton is a prime location for such a sustainable fashion event due to the city councils' and Bioregional’s One Planet City initiative being strongly aligned with the core principles that the event wants to deliver. These include reducing waste, use of sustainable materials, health and happiness and equity.

Not all purchasers of fashion understand the impacts of what they choose to buy. Brighton Fashion Week will tell the story of waste people create from their fast fashion shopping fix contrasting this with sustainable fashion practices and the need for fair wages. We have started to increase consumer awareness around the social and environmental impact of clothing through our events, social media and press coverage over the past two years and wish this to increase further. We now have decided to bring criteria around sustainability in fashion into ALL aspects of the event (the three main catwalk shows) as we feel this is an essential step that the fashion industry needs to take.

Brighton Fashion Week is produced by FAQPOP, a not for profit Community Interest Company committed to producing high quality public events in fashion and the arts. We have twelve years experience in programming, production and promotion. Brighton Fashion Week has seen the success of many of its past designers and been an unequivocal catalyst in this. Brighton Fashion Week has created opportunities that have catapulted the careers of many designers and we are now extending that opportunity to you.

    20% discount off all shows to Ethical Fashion Forum Members

    All EFF members can benefit from the 20% discount across all our catwalk shows. Deadline for entries is the 20th July.

    The Venue

    The catwalk shows will be taking place at All Saints Church, a unique venue in the heart of Brighton & Hove. The church can seat 500+ guests per show. Here is a link to a virtual tour of the church. (pls click on the index to see inside the church)

    Entry Fees - EFF Members receive 20% Discount

    • Sustain catwalk show £700 - discounted to £560 • Zeitgeist catwalk show £800 - Discounted to £640 • ShowReel design competition £25 per entry. An additional £100 will be charged to cover production costs if you are selected to participate in ShowReel 2015. (please take 20% off all Showreel costs) For early bird bookings we are offering £500 for Sustain and £600 for Zeitgeist for all designer applications received by midnight on June 19th. The Ethical Fashion Forum 20% discount is included in this price. Brighton Fashion Week is happy to offer a payment plan for any designer that wishes to use one, as we do not want to prevent any designer from applying for cash flow reasons. One applicant will be awarded a free catwalk space, selected by the FAIR shop.

    The Shows

    There are three main shows at Brighton Fashion Week • Sustain Catwalk Show - Friday 16th October Our Sustain Showcase advocates sustainability through the presentation of work by designers and practitioners that combine innovative fashion design, technology, current cultural needs and insightful ethical thinking, which produces unique and efficient collections - as important as they come. It highlights the hugely exciting work going on in the sustainable ready to wear society. • Zeitgeist Emerging Talent - Friday 16th October Zeitgeist Emerging Talent returns as our cornerstone showcase of remarkable talent from emerging designers who are, or will be, shaping, shifting, and progressing fashion design and the industry by starting to integrate ethical design within their practice. Designers need to pass certain criteria to be suitable for our Zeitgeist catwalk show this year. Zeitgeist has seen the success of many of its previous designers, therefore it is so important for us to use this show as a model from which other fashion weeks can follow. We embrace sustainability in fashion in a new light. We understand that designers cannot always be 100% sustainable in their design process. We believe that there should be realistic milestones in place that designers can adhere to so they can adopt sustainable practices in their current work. Therefore we are asking designers participating in our Zeitgeist show to make one pledge towards sustainability. It is mandatory that ethical practices are used in the production process. • Showreel Design Competition - Saturday 17th October A design competition, where designers, artists and creatives work from a ‘Beauty from Waste’ brief for this spectacular show where fashion, art and performance collide. Showreel 2015 is a design competition. The theme for this year is Beauty from Waste. 1-3 designs can be entered either through physical pictures (if the designs already exist) or drawings. If selected then only one of the proposed outfits will be showcased. Each entry needs to have a description of materials used, meaning and explanation behind the design and how the outfit is worn. Those selected and shortlisted to participate in Showreel will have the chance of winning an award with one winner receiving £1000. Designs for showreel must be made out of 100% recycled materials and consist of a whole outfit. Judges for ShowReel include: Jarvis Smith - PQ Magazine Cat Fletcher - Owner of Freegle and Resource Goddess Katie Hill - My Green Pod (More to be confirmed) "I am so delighted that Brighton is taking the initiative forward and WFTO can be a part of it. We need to connect consumers to sustainable and Fair Trade fashion, for a world that is not just more responsible but good looking too." Christine Gent Director, WFTO Asia

    What's included in the fees?

    • Fully professionally equipped catwalk venue • Sound and light technicians • Advice and mentoring from professionals • Dedicated fashion producer and team • Choreography and show production • Music Producer • Stylist • PR and social media support • Own dedicated interview for our blog • Sponsored make-up team • Sponsored hair team • Front of house staff • Backstage refreshments • Sound and lighting technicians • After party invitations • Models (pool shared with other designers) • Backstage team • Full listing on website with supporting images (Not included for Showreel entries) ADDITIONAL COSTS MAY INCLUDE: • Designers must provide own shoes for models to support their collection and show • PR (We strongly advise designers to actively participate in their own PR to maximise their reach)