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Terms & Conditions
- In the whole duration of our collaboration EOE Channel will be in charge of the free viewing of your projects in its media and other collaborators channel if that's something you're interested in.

- We will put subtitles without charges

- It's forbidden for EOE to re-upload your project with subtitles on Youtube and other similar platforms

- The advertisements that we're already featuring on our Channel has nothing to do with your project and we do not have any additional profits from them.

- The creator reserves all moral rights arising under the Copyright, Designs and Patents

- Each party consents to the other party processing personal data will not be accepted

- In no circumstances will EOE Channel be liable for any issues for your project's content.

- If EOE Channel is able to find advertisers for your project, you will get 70% of the advertising charges as the creator and EOE Channel will keep the 30%

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You can send us your project ( .mov, .mp4, .avi) here:
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