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This form is to apply to volunteer at Foresight's 2019 Vision Weekend.


We invite a group of individuals whose thinking we now need more than ever to direct our attention to a crucial idea that is flying under the radar. Ideas are presented and discussed on Saturday and opened up for prototyping on Sunday. The future is a collaborative effort, and it should be fun: To encourage cooperation at scale, we invite our favorite organizations into the mix and allow plenty of opportunities to connect in a setting that invites for meaningful conversation.


Context: Invited thinkers provide context on their alternative take on approaching humanity’s greatest challenges. If you could focus your energy, time, and effort on one thing, what would it be?

Controversies: Each talk is opened up for discussion, led by a speaker panel. Why is or isn’t this idea worth throwing our hearts at?


Cooperation: The choice is yours: either follow your favorite speaker into one of the many parallel sessions to explore yesterday's idea in-depth or make your way to the lightning talk room where other participants put their ideas onto our radar. This room is free-style, you have 10 minutes to get participants' attention to the key proposal everyone is missing.

In addition to our speakers, we're glad to have advisers from our favorite non-profits floating through the sessions - feel free to grab them to make your idea into reality.

Tickets & Program: https://foresight.org/vision-weekend-2019
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