2019 Junior Hoya Camp Counselor Application - Deadline 5/3/19
In order to be eligible to work Jr Hoya XC Camp, you must:
1. Have been a part of the 2018 Harrison HS Xc Team
2. Must be returning to the team in the Fall of 2019
3. Must be able to attend training for camp on May 31st
4. Must be willing to fulfill any job that is asked of you.
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How many years have you been on the HHS XC Team? *
How many years have you worked JR Hoya Camp? *
If you have worked JHC before, what jobs have you performed? *
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How many years have you attended JR Hoya camp as a camper? *
Are you available for the training day on Friday, May 31st? *
Are you available for the ENTIRE week of JHC? *
What do you as an individual, bring to the camp that will make the camp successful? *
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Why should you be chosen to work JHC over someone else with MORE qualifications than you? *
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We offer a separate Freshman Curriculum for JHC. What can you suggest THAT IS DIFFERENT to add to that curriculum that would better prepare the incoming runners? *
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