Jr. Rodeo Host Agreement Application
Please complete the below questionnaire to assist us in evaluating your site as a potential location to host a Jr. Rodeo Camp. Please be as thorough as possible. Contact Ellen Cart at (719) 528-4723 if you have questions.
Host Group Name *
Contact Person (Please include phone number & email address) *
Address (Please include city, state, & zip) *
Arena Name *
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Dates available to host 1-day camp (Please include your 1st & 2nd date choices) *
Date coincides with PRCA rodeo in state? *
Date coincides with a youth rodeo in state?
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Is your camp scheduled during your Rodeo or prior to your rodeo and if so, are you able to provide each of your attendees a complimentary ticket to the performance? *
Are you willing to host a multi-day camp?
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Will there be any activity prior to start at camp at your venue/arena? *
Are you able to provide a Polaris ranger or 4 wheeler for pulling around one of the training deceives at the camp? *
What training devices do you have available? *
How close is the hospital/emergency room to the venue? Please list name of Emergency room and address: *
Are you able to host a camp for a minimum of 6 hours? Camps will not be awarded if this requirement is not met. *
Have you hosted a camp in the past? If so, please list the previous years hosted. *
Do you have certain instructors you would like at your camp? *
Are you able to provide photographer/videographer? *
Is there WiFi available at the arena? *
Can you provide classroom seating for up to 100? *
How will your organization promote the camp? Please list methods of distribution (Ex. emails, social networks, etc.) *
Volunteers are necessary to help administer the camp, depending on the number of attendees, a minimum of 5-10 volunteers are required. Please describe your volunteer base and how many are able to help with the camp. *
What Youth Rodeo Organizations are in your state? *
Are you able to provide bucking chutes? *
Are you able to provide water and lunch for everyone the day of the camp? *
Are there restrooms located at your arena?
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Are you able to provide a PA system? *
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