LGBTQ+ Music Tour - Applicant Form
Hey you! Thanks for stopping by. We're a group of LGBTQ+ artists who are looking to put together a 10-ish city Canadian/US tour in the later half of 2020 (sometime between August and December). We want to hear from anyone interested in joining us on the road!

We’ll be reviewing all submissions and getting in touch with those who fit well with our first go-round. Please note, if you're not contacted this time, you may still be on our list for a future tour! We’re aiming to make this an ongoing series.

At the moment, we have to keep this open to only Canadian and US based artists (or those who are willing to find their own way to North America for the duration of the tour). We're working on changing that in the next iteration!

The bottom line is, we know opportunities to perform and tour aren't always handed to our community, and we want to change that! Here's to taking a step in the right direction.
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Provided travel & accommodations are covered, what is your expected rate? (remember, this first round will likely be bare-bones, but we'll do our best to make sure everyone walks away with something) *
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Do you have any other special skills? Marketing, Videography, Video Editing, Venue Booking? Tell us, dahlinggg.
Finally, who are some of your favourite LGBTQ indie artists? We wanna know, just cuz. *
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