Guitar 1: Self Reflection
An opportunity to reflect on your guitar progress during Quarter 1
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Please rate your perceived proficiency in the following areas:
Open Position Chords
Am, B7, C, D, F, Em, G
Basic Strumming Patterns
Rock Strum (percussive click), Syncopated Strum
Aplication of Skills
How do you you use the skills you have acquired?
Please respond to the following prompts
What are your thoughts as to the usefulness of the Schoology classroom page? Do you regularly reference the information? How could the classroom site be improved?
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What do you find is the most difficult aspect of learning to play the guitar? Do you seek out extra help or clarification when you have issues or difficulty?
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What are your general feelings about the course? What suggestions do you have to improve what happens in the class?
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What "grade" would you give yourself based on your performance in the class?
Please consider your daily engagement in class, practice habits, growth and improvement, and use of classroom resources (Schoology)
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