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The Caravan Support Network is an autonomous network in support of the caravans seeking asylum at the U.S. border from Central and South America. -Seeking asylum in the U.S. is not a crime-

Our Goals:
#1. Share information and resources on ways to best support the caravans headed to the border.
#2. Foster a culture of resistance to the increasingly aggressive, racist immigration policies of the U.S.
#3. Build a wide network of mutual aid and radical love for the families seeking asylum.
#4. Organize Pilgrimage of activists from multiple states and regions within the U.S. which will converge on the border to stand with and welcome the asylum seekers when they arrive.

We will always center the voices of directly impacted communities as we strive to build a National Support Network for this cause.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!! At the current moment we are working towards developing support bases throughout border cities within the US and Mexico to develop  leadership, community and organize a massive group of people ready to welcome the caravan with radical love while fostering a culture of resistance. We Need organizers, artists, musicians, cooks, and any able body who wants to support and welcome our brothers and sisters seeking asylum. We believe that we are in a moment where we must harvest seeds of our resistance. it is the time to sacrifice, a time to harvest resistance, love, and reciprocity.

We invite you to fill out this form if you are interested on joining our efforts at the border. Your presence and energy will be much needed and appreciated!
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