2017 Fall Fundraising Banquet - Response Form
We are sold out for this event!
We're so glad you would like to join us for our Fall Fundraising Banquet as we celebrate what God has done to extend His kingdom to the materially poor "beyond what we can ask or imagine..."! At this point, we are sold out for new ticket sales. You have two options if you would still like to join us - find an attendee who has some open spots at their table, or let us do that for you! If you fill this in, we will let you know you're on "stand by" and we will reach out to those who have reserved tables to see if they have any open seats. We will contact those on "stand by" on a first-come, first-served basis. You can purchase your ticket at that time - no need to do it until we can make certain you have a seat!

Once we confirm the availability of a seat, please submit the appropriate payment either via check (made out to PEER Servants and sent to PEER Servants, PO Box 258, Woburn, MA 01801) or online at our website - http://peerservants.org/by_credit_card.html. Your reservation is final once we receive your payment. Please complete your payment within 24 hours of our notifying you that you have a seat.

We will notify you via email once your reservations are confirmed. There is no ticket, per se - just provide the name of the person who made the reservation at the door upon your arrival.

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Children up to age 10 are free but you do need to have a reservation for all children. There will be childcare provided with pizza and supervision. Please note number and ages of children.
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Form of Payment *
Your reservation is not final until we have received payment for your tickets. Your payment should be made within 24 hours of our notifying you that you have gone from "standby" to reserved status. Please note "Banquet". We will send you an email once we have received payment, confirming your reservation. Note that this payment is not tax-deductible since you will receive a meal valued in excess of your ticket payment. There will be an opportunity to give a tax-deductible donation to PEER Servants during the Banquet.
You're All Set!
Thanks so much for your interest in attending our PEER Servants Fall Fundraising Banquet! Please remember to send in the payment for your tickets, at which point your reservation will be complete and we will notify you.
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