SSA Assistive Technology (AT) Training Needs Survey
Thank you for participating in this brief survey. It is intended to collect feedback regarding AT awareness and training preferences. We will use this feedback to guide the selection of training formats and topics to be provided during the fall of 2020 and throughout 2021.

This survey will take approximately three to five minutes to complete. Please complete the survey by February 28th, 2020.

If you require an alternate format of this survey, please contact Danny Gruber at

If you have questions regarding the content of this survey, please contact Heather Bridgman at
1. What is the county of your primary work location?
2. What is your area of specialization?
3. Do you agree with the following statements?
Yes, I agree.
No, I do not agree.
I believe AT can help people to participate and live more independent lives.
I believe it is part of my role to support people in determining their AT needs.
I could benefit from AT training to better support the people I serve.
I would be willing to participate in AT training to improve my AT knowledge and skills.
4. What type of learning activities would be supported by the administration at your agency? Select all that apply:
5. What type of learning activities does your schedule permit? Select all that apply:
6. What is your preferred method for gaining information?
Please rank your preferred methods below, where "1" indicates your most preferred method, and "5" indicates your least preferred method.
1st Choice (Most Preferred)
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice (Least Preferred)
On-going coaching
Collaborative learning cohort
7. How likely are you to do the following?
Very Unlikely
Somewhat Unlikely
Somewhat Likely
Very Likely
Attend a full-day face-to-face training
Attend a half-day face-to-face training
Attend a webinar
Visit a website for online technical support
Participate in coaching activities when learning new tasks
Join and participate in a collaborative learning cohort
Take on a leadership position to share AT knowledge with the colleagues in your agency
Take on a leadership position to facilitate a regional AT community of practice
8. Please select the top five AT training topics that are most pertinent to your everyday work. Select all that apply:
9. Are there any AT training topics not already mentioned that would be more pertinent to your everyday work?
Your answer
10. Are there any events or activities that would interfere with your ability to attend trainings in real-time (face-to-face, live webinar, etc.) at particular times of the year? (e.g. national conferences, yearly board meetings, etc.) If so, please list the events and their respective dates:
Your answer
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