Astro Academy Registration Section 2
When: Monday August 1st-September 5th 7-9pm
Where: A Novel Idea on Passyunk
1726 East Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19148
Contact us at (267) 764-1202 or

Cost: $185.00 (includes materials for workshops)

Description of Course
Want to learn astrology but don't know where to start? Have you dipped your toe in the cosmic pool and found it a lil overwhelming? We gotchu! Each week of this series, you'll learn a fundamental aspect of astrology, we'll look at how the topic impacts your personal birth chart, and you'll have the opportunity to discuss, ask questions, and practice interpretations with the group! Each week you'll receive printed packets with information about the week's topic, worksheets, lists of resources and recommendations, and homework (totally optional). By the end of this series you'll have a basic working knowledge of astrology as a practice, you'll be able to read and interpret birth chart placements, and you'll understand the effects of current transits and how to work with their energies. Led by Amber Astronauta.

We'll need your birth information to generate your chart which we'll provide for you at the first class. If you do not have your exact birth time, there is still plenty to learn. Please enter 12:00pm and we'll work with an estimated chart.

The class is limited to six students. Reserve your spot today!

If you are unable to make all six classes you are still welcome to join us. You will be charged the full class fee and will receive all printed materials for any class missed.

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