Second Season - The Power of Communion
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You will need a United Methodist Hymnal.

The Power of Communion
Our goal for this session is to develop a better understanding of the sacrament of Holy Communion. At The Vine we celebrate communion weekly. At the 8:30 and 11:00AM traditional services we celebrate the sacrament on the first Sunday of every month and on special church holidays. So what? What’s the big deal? Why is it important we celebrate this sacrament often?

It’s important to remember some things mentioned in Season One of Confirmation:
1) We can’t fully understand what’s happening in the sacrament and that’s why we call it a holy mystery.
2) The table is open to EVERYONE.
3) In some holy mysterious way Christ is present with us. As we break bread together and share in the cup the real presence of Christ is at the table.

However, communion isn’t just something we do to fill time and remember the past. Communion gives us nourishment for our faith journey. Communion reminds us of God’s love for us as well as God's love for everyone else just as much. Because of God's love, we must be prepared to love and forgive each person.

Communion is also what John Wesley would call a means of grace. When we share in communion we experience God’s grace (God’s love, presence, and forgiveness in our lives). We also pray after the meal that God will give us strength to love and serve others. This is a powerful meal not just a nice church snack of bread and juice!

Grab Your United Methodist Hymnal
Turn to "Word and Table 1" on page 6.
With Your Family...
Read through the covenant and record the following:
- What sticks out to you?
- What is your favorite part of the communion liturgy?
- What does communion mean to you personally?
- What do you think and feel before, during, and after communion?
What sticks out to you?
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What is your favorite part of the communion liturgy?
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What does communion mean to you personally?
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What do you think and feel before, during, and after communion?
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Gathering Around the Table
The United Methodist Church practices an "open table." Before going further, watch the video and read the article at this site:
What does the "open table" mean to you?
Your answer
What are the implications for you and your ministry if everyone is invited and not just me?
Your answer
What is the significance of God using ordinary things like bread and juice?
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To Close Your Time...
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