Contract for Honors|AP Classes Due by April 12, 2019
MVHS is an open access school and thus any student wishing to take Honors and AP classes may do so. Although we want our students to challenge themselves, we also want them to have a healthy schedule that allows our students enough PDF (Play Time, Down Time and Family Time).

Students (and their parent/guardian) who wish to register for an Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) course must sign the following contract in order to be enrolled.

1. I recognize that participation in Honors and AP classes requires me to:
● demonstrate increased student independence,
● take on a high degree of responsibility, and
● meet higher standards than students in college-preparatory courses to earn the
same grade.

Note: Honors and AP courses will require more time for nightly homework than regular college-prep courses. Please refer to the time management worksheet for specific homework requirements per class.

2. I commit to remain enrolled in the Honors and AP classes I have chosen for the entire year. While transfers to a college preparatory class may be granted, the following policy will be applied:
● Students will not be permitted to transfer from an Honors/AP course until after
the first week of the course.
● Students will be required to talk to their teacher before dropping the course
● There is no guarantee that there will be space available in college-preparatory
classes for students who want to drop Honors/AP classes after the first week of
● Students who drop an Honors/AP course after the first six weeks of the
semester will receive a W (Withdraw) on their transcripts.
● Level drops must be done no later than 6 weeks before the course final and will
require principal approval.

3. I realize that by enrolling in an Advanced Placement course I am expected to take the corresponding Advanced Placement Examination in May. Funding support for this examination may be available for students with demonstrated financial need.

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