Storytellers On Tour: Rising Shadows by Phillip Blackwater
We’re organizing a book tour for Rising Shadows, an Epic Fantasy novel by Phillip Blackwater. The tour will take place on February 14th - 20th!

We’re seeking Bloggers and Bookstagrammers to help us show Rising Shadows some love with reviews and features across blogs and social media. All participants will receive eBooks to read and review.

Physical copies will not be available for this tour.
Author: Phillip Blackwater
Publisher: Self-Published
Genres: Epic Fantasy
Published: August 14th, 2020
Page count: 404 (print)

As tension rises between the southern and northern nations of the small continent of Exitium in the world of Anteris, the Elves turn to their eastern neighbors, the Humans, for help. They wish to learn the ways of combat, which they are not accustomed to, for they have always wielded a power far greater than forged steel. The Shards of Creation, mystical artifacts of great and virtually infinite power, have always been their prized weapon, but times have changed. They now face the same threat as the Humans: the southern nation known as the Ethula.

Wariel Ritch, general of the Human army, will take upon his shoulders this burden. But when a shadow of a past long forgotten threatens what little stability is left in the world, he will have to leave everything behind to stop it. Medregal Tergrast, an Ethulan king, dead for a thousand years, plans his return to the world of the living to gain back his former glory and finally fulfill his destiny by gaining control of the Shards of Creation. But is he really the threat people make him out to be?

In the meantime, in the bowels of the Human Kingdom, the reign of Dana Crystaloak is put into jeopardy when people around her start questioning her decisions. If she falls, war could break out across all lands.
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