BOOST Project Support Form
BOOST is a registered charity which exists to support learning and provide additional educational activities at DCHS. We do this by providing equipment/resources and enabling projects/activities in school which remove barriers to learning, provide new learning opportunities and enhance the learning environment. We can only support activities which would "not be provided otherwise". We cannot support any activities which have already been ordered/paid for.

This form is for use by members of staff or students to propose activities or request support from the DCHS Trust. For student requests we will need a staff contact to co-ordinate/oversee this in school.

Please bear in mind that this request will be reviewed by trustees who are not regularly in school or working in the education sector. You should assume we know nothing about your project. Please also avoid using acronyms or school jargon.

Project proposals need to be submitted by the end of each term to be considered at the following meeting (normally 3rd Monday of term). 

You can find further information about how we decide which projects to support here. If you have any questions about this form or our process you can contact trustees by emailing 

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Email *
What project would you like BOOST to support (project title)? *
What do you need to make this project possible (equipment, resources, materials etc)? *
Please tell us how much will this cost (total) & how you have calculated this cost. Where appropriate, please tell us whether you have got quotes from other suppliers - for higher cost items we are looking for three quotes. We would also prefer to purchase items from local suppliers where possible (this may not be the lowest cost but should be a comparable cost). *
Which students and how many students will benefit from this project? *
What difference will this make to students at DCHS? *
How will you measure the impact of the project (how will we know it is successful)? In particular, please tell us how the project supports at least one of BOOST's core aims which are to (i) remove barriers to learning, (ii) provide new learning opportunities and (iii) enhance the learning environment. *
When does your project need to happen (start, finish, duration)? *
Please tell us why you cannot support this project/activity from a school budget. Why do you need support from BOOST?
 If this project goes ahead, what will happen next? How will your project be sustained or make a lasting difference? *
Will you be able to provide monitoring information for this project - i.e. number of students supported, feedback from students, photographs, paragraph explaining the difference the project has made? 

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Your name (person making this request) *
Please provide the name of a second person who knows about this project and who we could contact if you are not available (if this request is from a student, please provide a staff contact here)
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