dB-SERC lunch discussion 06-26-2017: The use of clickers to support improved self-assessment in introductory science courses
Discussion leader: Dr. Beth Lindsey, Penn State Greater Allegheny
When: Monday June 26, 2017 from 12 - 1 pm
Where: 321 Allen Hall
Abstract: “Calibration” is an aspect of metacognition that describes how well students assess their own knowledge. We have been engaged in a multi-year project to investigate the metacognitive calibration of students enrolled in introductory physics and chemistry courses at a small campus of a large public university. When assessed at the end of the semester, we found a large disparity between students’ confidence in their ability to answer questions compared to their actual ability to provide the correct answer on a large number of questions that spanned the course material. This discrepancy was present in students of all ability levels. With the hope of improving the accuracy of these judgments, course modifications were introduced that used i-clickers to allow students to make numerous confidence judgments throughout the semester. The judgments were immediately followed by an actual assessment of knowledge on the identical topic. Data assessing the effectiveness of this intervention at improving students’ metacognitive calibration will be presented.
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