Misfortune & Misery Survey
Take our brief survey below to find out how Why Do Good People Suffer Bad Things can help you make it through suffering. This survey is designed to help you establish a sound perspective in how you approach dealing with suffering and misery.
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There have been times when I prayed but received no answer. *
Things have happened to me in the past that I believe to be unfair. *
I sometimes wonder if other people have the same kinds of problems that I do. *
I sometimes feel like I should be doing something more purposeful with my life. *
I have questions about why God has allowed me to suffer through certain things. *
Suffering has caused me to be angry with God at times. *
I always know how to handle the negative things that happen to me. *
It is difficult for me to see God's goodness in my life. *
People seem to be very judgmental of my personal faults and failures. *
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