AWAKE School of Marketplace Leadership
There are three pathways to choose:

1. GRAFTED: Join us for an exciting and challenging internship opportunity created for young adults ages 16-18 desiring to grow in healthy friendships and learn practical ways to serve the community through a local coffee house. While growing in integrity. This is a 5 hour per week commitment plus opportunity to participate in our community initiative service projects once a month.

2. ROOTED: The atmosphere of local coffee house in an up and coming city outside of Metro Atlanta, Ga hosts our marketplace leadership school. Designed to help you discover God's perfect design for you and your future, you will learn how to become an influence in and leader in society and find strength in community as you are "Rooted" in your faith through practical ministry training and destiny coaching. This program is designed for adults that are either 18 years of age or older or those who have graduated high school or an equivalent program. Join the journey today If you have a desire to become a leader in industry and see real change happen around you.
******we will accept duel enrollment for home schooled students ages 16 and up with approval

There are two paths to choose from.
Pathway 1: A gap year consisting of Sessions 1&2 either between high school and college or college and career created to strengthen your foundation of faith, help you discover your God-given destiny and connect you to a lifetime community that feels like family.

Pathway 2: Complete our 2 year school consisting of 4 sessions and a summer intensive designed help you discover your destiny and launch you into a lifetime of marketplace leadership.

3. CULTIVATE: Our passion at ASML is to "Cultivate" young leaders filled with revival fire and a passion to change the world wherever they go. This Leadership Intensive 3rd year program is offered to graduates of ROOTED, an approved affiliate school/program or by invitation seeking to lead a marketplace movement in every sphere of culture. Through one on one mentoring and a personalized curriculum you will discover how to sustain your personal revival fire while partnering with like-minded believers to bring Heaven to earth in your everyday.

Thank you for your interest in our school. Please fill out this information pre-application so that we may contact you to set up an initial interview. Think of it as a get-to-know us meet-up.
***If you are out of state or country we can set up Skype or facetime, but a face to face initial contact is required to move past this pre-application.

If you have questions or issues while completing this application please e-mail Laura Hansen with admissions at

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