Overwatch All-Female Community Application
We are the Death Blossoms, an all-female community for players of all skill levels. This form will allow you to gain access to our super awesome Discord community.

We generally recruit in waves, so you may not receive an invite for a couple of weeks.

Visit us at www.deathblossoms.gg for more info so you know what you're getting yourself into... *evil laugh*

What is your Bnet? *
Battle.net tag format: PewPew#1234
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What is your Email? *
IMPORTANT: The discord invite will be sent to this address! Yes! Exclamation mark!
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What's your Discord tag? *
Tag format: NeedHealing#4567. If this is your first time using Discord, download it at discordapp.com and include your name below.
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Which region do you play in? *
This is the region you choose when starting your Battle.net client. We are currently NA/EU only.
Do you identify as female? *
Do you know anyone in DB? *
Got any friends in DB? Were you summoned by the ancient gods (or reddit)? Name, discord, bnet tag, anything. Secret phrase too. ( gnilaeh deen I )
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Are you interested in being part of a team? *
We have teams on all SR brackets, but you can also join us to be a part of the community and chill out with us and find friends to queue with. TL;DR: Tryharding not required.
Social media links, questions or comments? *
If you were not referred by a DB member, sharing your social media with us is the best way to ensure you'll receive an invite. Twitch/Youtube links if you stream yourself destroying your enemies, or other social media if you just like taking pics of your food and making us jealous. If you do not use social media, tell us something interesting about yourself! Do you like pineapple on pizza? Are you awesome and need the admins to know?
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