Islandoracon CoC Report Form
This is an anonymous form for reporting issues or concerns regarding safety or the Code of Conduct at Islandoracon 2017:

While our general Code of Conduct calls for a formal review and response, the Islandoracon conference team would like to provide additional options to report and respond more rapidly during this in-person event. Because this form is anonymous, we cannot guarantee a response to your report unless you choose to include a way to contact you. No information about who used the form is logged or kept. We will use any information you supply to improve safety at Islandoracon and to make recommendations for future events.

Submissions to this form are reviewed by the conference committee, listed here: Serious or ongoing issues may be escalated to the Islandora Roadmap Committee.

If you feel uncomfortable or have questions, you are also welcome to approach any conference team member wearing a red ribbon.

Please write up your report below with as many details as you can. If you want to be contacted about your report, please include contact information.
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