Building Electronic Circuits - ELECT 2301, Hands-on Online Course
Hello Everyone, is happy to offer ELECT 2301 - Building Electronic Circuits, a hands-on DIY online course to develop skills in designing and building analogue circuits on a breadboard.

The current generation is ruled by electronics. Right from desktops to cellphones, everybody is exposed to some electronic device or the other. It is crucial to understand the basic components that go behind in making these devices. How did these microscopic components revolutionize technology as we know?

Key points:
1. All the necessary materials for project work will be sent as a kit through courier.
2. Classes will happen online using Zoom or Google Classroom
3. Simulations and webcam will be used for visual learning.
4. Students can interact with the facilitator through the mic.

Eligibility: Class VI and above
Code: ELECT 2301
Duration: 4 sessions, 8 hrs, 4 weeks
Days: Sunday
Time: 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM IST

Course Fee: ₹2750/-
Includes project kit
Delivery charges are additional if destination is outside Chennai.

Once sufficient registrations are received, we will provide information on the payment process.
Thank you for your interest and patience.

Course objective:
(i) Equip the participants on the basic theory of electronic components
(The theory discussed will be sufficient to build circuits and age-appropriate)
(ii) Develop the participant's skills in designing & building circuits on a breadboard and troubleshooting.

Course Plan:
This 4-week course is designed to give a rudimentary understanding of electronics circuits and their design.

Session #1
Introduction to Electronic Circuits
Project: Infrared Detector

Session #2
Introducing the Transistor
Project: Fading LED & Static Detector

Session #3
Introduction to Integrated Circuit (IC) chips and Transducers
Project: Fire Alarm Circuit

Session #4:
Final Project and troubleshooting
Project: Darkness Detector
Thank you for your support!
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