6th RC21-IJURR Doctoral School in Comparative Urban Studies, Delhi 2019
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The data you give us (according to the above-mentioned categories) is collected and processed for the purpose of processing your application for the 6th RC21-IJURR Doctoral School in Comparative Urban Studies, Delhi, September 2019. The information you include in your application form, and the documents you will submit separately via the Gmail address rc21summerschool@gmail.com (as per the Call for Applications), will be stored on the secure, password-protected Google Drive attached to the Gmail account for the Doctoral School (rc21summerschool@gmail.com). Google’s Privacy Policies are available at: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en.

The individuals who will have access to this Google Drive and Gmail account are the persons in charge of processing and selecting the applications on behalf of RC21 and of the IJURR Foundation, namely:
- the 3 Doctoral School coordinators: RC21 Board members Dr Claire Colomb and Dr Sonia Roitman; IJURR Board member Prof. Liza Weinstein
- the administrator of the IJURR Foundation (http://www.ijurr.org/ijurr-foundation/members/);
- up to 3 members of the RC21 board (http://www.rc21.org/en/), IJURR board (http://www.ijurr.org/editorial-board/), or IJURR Foundation Trustees (http://www.ijurr.org/ijurr-foundation/members/)
- up to 2 senior academic scholars who are members of the Local Organising Committee of the Delhi Doctoral School and RC21 Conference (https://rc21delhi2019.com/index.php/lot/)

Your application form, and the documents you submit with it via the Gmail address, will be deleted from the Google Drive one year after the Doctoral School, once the final report for the School is approved by the IJURR Foundation.


If you are successfully selected to participate in the Doctoral School, some of the data you have provided us will be used by the Doctoral School coordinators and other individuals listed above to:

• communicate with you about the organisation of the School and of the RC21 Delhi Conference (and register you for these);

• liaise with the IJURR Foundation and with RC21 (the two non-profit associations which are funding the Doctoral School) about the basic profile of selected participants (name, nationality, age, gender, disciplinary field, university and PhD programme).

The Privacy Policy of RC21 is available here: http://www.rc21.org/en/privacy-policy/

The Privacy Policy of the IJURR Foundation is available here: http://www.ijurr.org/ijurr-foundation/ijurr-foundation-data-privacy-statement/

The selected participants’ name, nationality, disciplinary field, university and PhD programme may be displayed on the RC21 and IJURR Foundation websites, in particular for those participants who will receive scholarship. Participants’ name, nationality, gender, email address and study details are used for alumni records. Alumni may be contacted via email for invitation to alumni groups (online) or events.

• communicate with academic and non-profit third parties (for non-commercial purposes) about the basic profile of selected participants (name, nationality, age, gender, disciplinary field, university and PhD programme), namely:
o the participating students, scholars and guest speakers who will contribute to the Doctoral School, so that they know the academic and educational profile of the participants;
o the board members, members and trustees of RC21 and of the IJURR Foundation (in annual activity reports).

• make you a member of RC21. For more details about the data which is used to register you as a member of RC21 (which includes your e-mail address for communication purposes), see the Privacy Policy of RC21: http://www.rc21.org/en/privacy-policy/


You may request to see the information we hold on you, or correct any information which is inaccurate at any time, by contacting: rc21summerschool@gmail.com. You can request the data we hold on you to be deleted at any time.

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