SIPS Commendations Nomination Form
The SIPS awards committee gives out two different types of awards to recognize projects that further the SIPS mission: larger recognitions given once a year (SIPS Mission Awards) and smaller recognitions given three times a year (SIPS Commendation).

This is a nomination form for SIPS Commendations. Nominations can be made at any time, but winners are selected three times a year: November, March, and July.

SIPS Commendations recognize and increase awareness of products that are consistent with the SIPS mission, including small contributions that are not typically formally recognized by professional societies. These can be products such as blog posts, podcasts, teaching materials, talk slides, research tools and other products that further the SIPS mission. Products that are given SIPS Commendations are eligible for SIPS Mission Awards.

Any SIPS member can nominate an unlimited number of contributions for awards. Contributions include both formal scholarship and informal contributions (e.g., blog posts, initiatives) that promote transparency, rigour, and replicability in psychological science​. Contributions can be credited to individuals or to teams. We use the term 'project' to refer to a contribution.

Submissions are accepted any time. To be considered for November 2019 selections, nominations must be made by by midnight, Pacific Standard Time, November 15th
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