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Treasured group/hybrid Program ENROLLMENT IS OPEN, but closes on June 20th for the YEAR (most likely).  I’m so glad you’re making this life-changing choice for yourself of taking this next step . (Learn all about Treasured  here) . 

(PLEASE NOTE: Once you complete the enrollment process (see below), you will immediately get access to The 8 Week Better Marriage Jumpstart, a specially designed sequence of the most important things to do to start seeing positive change and more loving connection in your relationship right away. You can also add private 1:1 sessions with me, which we can start right away or very soon. Since we meet in very small intimate groups of 3-6 people, as soon as there are enough participants, we will dive into the full Treasured process and our group coaching calls, as well.)

To make sure this is a great mutual fit, please fill out this entire form (expect it to take 10-15 minutes or so). By doing so you will get more clear on whether Treasured is right for you at this point (you will also have a chance to ask questions, and talk with me directly, if you want, before making a final commitment).

 DO share in some detail. DON'T be too "surface level" with your answers. I'd like a good sense of what is going on for you and what you need support with, so I can best help you!

 Once you've submitted this from, look for an email confirming your spot, and next steps. Thank you! I can't wait for you to feel the support and deep change you will get during our time together. 

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Relationship Status *
If currently in a relationship, how long have you been in the relationship?
Do you consider yourself an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)? If so, how does it “show up” in your marriage? *
What drew you to Treasured and Hannah’s approach? *
What are you wanting to change in your relationship(s) (with your partner AND with yourself)? What's challenging/hard? *
Are you open to exploring the nitty gritties of your own role in the challenges you are facing in your relationship? And what do you think those might be? *
How do you want things to FEEL and BE in your marriage and inside YOURSELF? What do you envision for yourself in your heart of hearts? *
WHY is this so important for you (and your loved ones)? *
What will it change in your life when you get there? (Briefly share how you imagine it will impact your dreams for your future, your health, your kids, your overall emotional well-being, and your energy for other things that matter to you.) *
Why is NOW the time to make these changes (and not later)? *
Treasured is for women who are committed to their own and their relationship's transformation (and ready for a 4 month minimum commitment to coaching). On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to showing up and doing the work to bring your vision for your marriage to life via the support of the Treasured container (commitment is a big part of what will create the results you want)? Another way of asking this: how ready are you to move a bit outside your comfort zone for the sake of more comfort, happiness and fulfillment down the road? *
Not much and lots of other things will STOP me from putting myself into it
I’m all in and nothing will stop me from using my time in Treasured to bring my vision to life!
If offered a spot in Treasured, will you say yes? Note: to hold your spot, please plan to have payment made within 48 hours of receiving your official invite and invoice.  *
Which package option do you want? (Please note: once you check one of the package options, you will be brought to the pay in full or payment plan options) *
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