After School Homework Volunteers
Your skills can make a difference in the life of a child.
Volunteer as a homework coach at MS54 to pass your study skills on to the next generation. You will coach a small team of 6th graders, helping with homework while teaching them how to stick with hard questions, organize their time, and support one another. Expert teachers will supervise and train you as you prepare your team for a lifetime of success.
Who Are We?
MS54 (or Booker T. Washington) is a public middle school in the Upper West Side. We are located on 108th and Columbus Avenue. Check us out at
Why Homework?
Discipline, time management, persistence in the face of skills are the foundation for success in school and beyond. Homework gives middle school students the chance to develop these skills outside of the classroom, but many of them need some help to get started. When you coach and mentor your pod, you provide a bridge between direct instruction and independent self-discipline. Our teacher coordinators will train and support you as you engage and motivate your pod.
Why Pods?
People at all ages benefit when their peers become a source of support to help them achieve difficult goals. When you work with a pod, you will not only be coaching them individually--you will be teaching them how to support, advise, and reach out to one another.
Why You?
-Because you want all children to learn the habits they will need to succeed both now and later
-Because you enjoy working with kids
-Because you remember someone who made a difference in your life and want to pay it forward
-Because you want your love of learning to connect you to others in your community
-Because you want to develop experience in a supported environment and build your resume
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