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In addition to the housing we provide, we are happy to help connect you to other housing nearby whenever possible. Just ask!
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Housing is available on a limited basis, so let us know if you're interested and we will follow up with more information
Coaching is 1-on-1 language practice with a Spanish Coach. You can choose to: practice what you learn in class, review topics you have trouble with, have your mistakes corrected, and/or learn to produce the language fluidly. Cost = 35.000COP (~$12USD) per 1-hour session.
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Terms and Conditions:
All courses are paid after your first class. Group classes are bought per full week without exception, private classes in packages of 5 hours and are spread out evenly across the week.

Please note that we do not hold classes on festivos (Colombian public holidays). On these days we hold field trips and we go on an educational excursion in the community (calendar here:

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