simCEO Courses: Quick Set-Up Prompts
TERMINOLOGY: SimCEO "courses" have short, focused learning goals. In traditional schools/universities, instructors usually refer to these as "units".

The prompts below will help you set up your simCEO course to take advantage of the unique authentic learning environment.
How can we create an environment where students think and create like ____ (historians, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc.)?
How will students use your targeted skills and content to produce products / solutions?

This is not a formal document. Consider this a quick brainstorm session.Your responses are not binding in any way. Use it as a guide for when you set up your own simCEO course. If you cannot think of an answer, feel free to leave it blank.

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1a. Course Basics: Name your simCEO course and briefly describe the students
Marketing 102. Approximately 20 students will enroll in this course. It is a beginning level university course.
Question 1a: In one sentence, name your course and describe your students.
1b. Course Learning Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes
List as many or as few as you desire. This is just to get you started.

Examples (for a Marketing Course): The course will help you understand and create a marketing plan. The objective is to understand your customer. Outcomes: Students will be able to identify 6 types of customers. The student will be able to create a social media posts to engage different types of customers.
Question 1b: List a few of your Goals, Objectives, and/or Outcomes you have for students after they complete your course.
1c. Adding Authentic Student Tasks
SimCEO is far more powerful when students can review each other's unique products to compare, learn, and give feedback. Take a look at your goals/objectives/outcomes. Identify (an) authentic product(s) that students will produce within your course.

EXAMPLES: "a marketing plan" .... "social media posts targeted to a specific demographic" ... "a logo"... "a video to investors describing their prototype" ... a video proposal to the City Council...etc.)
Question 1c: What authentic learning tasks - not essays of comprehension - could students actually produce (or partially produce) to demonstrate their understanding of your learning goals?
2. Simulation Environment
OPTIONAL: Students produce more authentic products when they are placed in a specific environment to give context to their work.

SimCEO allows instructors to create the environment (if desired) to better target the Learning Goals. Would you like the simulation take place in a specific era? In a specific location?

Example 1 Environment (time/place): Your simulation takes place in Boston in the year 1765.

Example 2: You must propose a solution to help keep the Mississippi River clean for the 20-mile stretch next to our hometown of Winona, Minnesota.
Q2: To best target your Learning Goals, do you have ideas about "time and/or place" for your simulation?
3. Special Rules or Conditions for Students
Would you like to create any specific conditions or rules for students to follow?

Example 1: Create a business that will be successful, help solve a social / societal problem, and strives to be carbon-neutral.

Example 2: Our project has many stages. We will complete one assignment each week. I am adding a special rule. Each week you MUST invest in at least two other students' solutions based on the quality of their answer for that week. Sometimes, you will be asked to share your rationale for your decision.
Q3. To best target your Learning Goals, do you have ideas about any specific conditions, rules, or limitations you wish to place on students as they propose solutions?
4. Audience for Student Work
Will student work be intended for a specific audience?

Example 1: Each of you will share a solution written to persuade the City Council to adopt your idea.

Example 2: Write a short story to help teach genetics to a 1st Grade student.
Q4. To best target your Learning Goals, do you have ideas about who might be the intended audience (fictional or real) for your students' work?
5. Resources
SimCEO has a section so that instructors can share resources with students to help them understand content and context. better. Resources help students be more successful.

Examples: Our textbook.... PDF handouts... websites.... interviews with professionals... examples of excellence for a specific product...etc.
Q5. What resources are you using or might you use to give students more access to information about the Learning Goal(s) and support them to be successful?
6. Assignments
simCEO includes some pre-created assignments which instructors can use. But the real power of simCEO comes as instructors create and share their own assignments, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of content. Most instructors have these assignments already. Our goal is to see if we can make them more authentic and public so that all students can learn from one another.

Review your answers to Question 1C above. Or, break down a big task into smaller assignments.

Assignments can be PUBLIC (answers viewed by all students) or PRIVATE (student answers are seen by the instructor only).

PUBLIC assignments are best if each student has their own context so that the products / solutions / answers are contextual. A strong answer for one student may not be the best answer for another.
"Create a logo for your company." or
"Choose one of the marketing strategies from Chapter 5, and describe why it would be the best choice for your company."

PRIVATE assignments are best used when students answers will all be the same/similar or when students need to share confidential information with the instructor.
"Describe the three methods of production." or
"Self-assess your company for strengths and weaknesses based on what you have developed thus far."
Q6a. Of the assignments you listed above in 1c (or others), which are best shared as PUBLIC so that all students would demonstrate their understanding of the Learning Goals and all students would see a variety of answers/solutions?
Q6b: Of the assignments you listed in 1c (or others) which are best shared as PRIVATE so that all students would demonstrate their understanding of the Learning Goals to only you (the instructor)?
7. News and Announcements
SimCEO allows instructors to share news articles (real or fictional) and announcements along the way. Students analyze, and consider adjustments.

News articles introduce new information to the simulation.
"A new law just passed stating that ____" . or
"The Principal of our school, Mrs. ______ just announced that _________." or
"A recent study says that by 2025 ______

Announcements can be reminders about specific content or resources. Or, they can be procedural reminders, suggestions, or advice.
"If you want more background information about today's news article, visit www._____ .com ." or
"As a reminder, everyone's business plan is due next Tuesday."
Q7a) What real-world situations/variables typically affect the Learning Goals you identified? List a few ideas for potential news (real or fictional) which might help target your Learning Goals?
Q7b) What advice, reminders, or pitfalls would you like to add to help students reach your Learning Goals? List a few ideas as potential announcements you could share with your students.
Q8. Would you like to speak with a Jetlag Learning representative to receive additional help or answer questions? If so, (A) share a short summary of your needs (B) a preferred contact method, and (C) a preferred contact time.
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