Sign our Petition: Detroiters Deserve Equitable Development.
Residents of “Islandview” feel left out on the plans for new developments in our neighborhood. The Duggan administration’s Housing and Revitalization Department (HRD) and Planning and Development Department (PDD) opposed residents’ attempt both to make information about the proposed developments public and to ensure community input.

Projects supported by the City as part of their plan for “Islandview” include four large multi-story apartment buildings along Kercheval, from Parker to Sheridan, and rehab of 17 vacant homes. As planned, these developments will tremendously change the character of our neighborhood, so that we do not recognize our home.

One of these developments, now being referred to as Durant and Parker, got approved by the Planning Commission and the City Council even though a critical number of residents spoke out against the project, and specifically asked for a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). Because of this experience we are determined to state in unequivocal terms our opposition to these proposals as is.

We refused to be left feeling intimidated in our own backyards by the City’s failure to meaningfully engage with us about new development.

Therefore, We, the undersigned, request the following from the Detroit Planning Commission and Detroit City Council:
That all development in our community meet the approval of the majority of long-term residents.
That all information regarding any proposed development be made public ensuring a transparent process.
That all meetings regarding any proposed development are public to ensure community input and accountability.
That any developer receiving tax abatements and other public incentives enter into a Community Benefits Agreement to ensure that development happens equitably.
That Home Repair Grant Funding be committed to the City’s 2019 budget at a level that is adequate to the needs of residents.
That any new development make at least 40 percent of its units affordable for people earning Detroit’s median income (that is rent between $300 - $600 a month for a single person, utilities included).

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