SUPER READER Activities - Please read instructions below.
Complete ALL 3 questions ONLY AFTER you have COMPLETED ALL of your reading activities for the week.
1. Select the week you just completed from this dropdown menu.
2. Who is your teacher?
3. Check the box next to the SUPER READER activities you ALREADY COMPLETED this week. Only select up to 5 activities. Each activity requires at least 15 minutes of reading in order to mark it complete.
Column 1
1. I read before bed.
2. I read before school.
3. I read out loud to a stuffed animal or pet.
4. I read an article in a newspaper.
5. I read an article in a magazine.
6. I re-read a favorite book.
7. I read from a fiction book.
8. I read from a non-fiction book.
9. I listened to an audio book.
10. I read in the dark with a flashlight.
11. I read jokes.
12. I read comics.
13. I read poetry.
14. I read outside.
15. I read to a special person.
16. I had someone read to me.
17. I took turns reading with a special person.
18. I read with everyone I live with.
19. I wrote a review about a book I read.
20. I read from one of my favorite authors.
21. I read from a book that has a cover that I like.
22. I played Scrabble.
23. I made up a new ending to a book.
24. I read a “How To” article, instructions, recipe or book and then did it.
25. I created a special reading spot and then read in that spot.
26. I learned 3 new words using a dictionary.
27. I read about a country that I have not traveled to.
28. I read from something that came in the mail.
29. I read online.
30. I drew or wrote about what I read.
31. I read road signs from the car.
32. I read labels at the grocery store.
33. I completed a reading activity that my teacher created.
34. I created my own reading activity.
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