Hall/Cafe Feedback Form
For any suggestions/complaints you have please fill out this form. If you have any questions, email or message myself (isobel.robertsrajoo@keble.ox.ac.uk). All responses (and any emails) will be treated confidentially.
Entirely optional, however if you would like a follow-up response, please do include your name, all forms filled out will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Additionally, any feedback relayed to College will be entirely anonymous.
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Please select the "type" of meal you will be providing feedback on (if you wish to feedback on more than one meal type, please fill out a new form for each type)
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So, how do you feel about the particular meal/eating time selected above?
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e.g Sandwich fillings, starters at Sunday Hall etc. (please keep them short, essays can be included later)
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If you've got any compliments, complaints, wordier suggestions, opinions or gripes about any food-related business in College, please include them here
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