Emmaus Registration 2019-2020
The Emmaus Retreat program has been a part of Prep since Fr. Ned Coughlin, S.J., directed our first "Emmaus Weekend" in 1977. A three-day retreat, "Emmaus" provides students with the opportunity to examine their own spirituality and their relationship with God, form a community with fellow classmates and faculty members, and open their minds and hearts to the experiences, beliefs and feelings of others.

The name Emmaus comes from a scripture passage (Luke 24:13-35), wherein two of Christ's disciples meet Him on the road to Emmaus shortly after His resurrection. At first, the two disciples do not recognize Jesus. However, with night approaching, they invite Him to dine with them and stay the night. It is only then, in the breaking of the bread, that their eyes are opened and they recognize Him.

Please complete this form, with the help of a parent or guardian, if you would like to take part in Emmaus. Priority will be given to forms submitted prior to August 1, 2019; registration will continue until each retreat is full.

Please contact me at doughertyj@spprep.org or (201) 547-6486 if you have any questions.

Peace of Christ,

Mr. John Dougherty
Director of Campus Ministry
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