Faction Relations - Opotheosis

Below you is the list of current factions you have encountered or heard of in the world of Opotheosis. More will become available in time should you meet them.

What each faction relationship means:
* Unmet - You haven't met this faction yet, this doesn't mean they haven't heard about you.
* Neutral - You've met this faction but have yet to influence their opinion of you.

* Friendly - This faction's first impression was positive, while they won't go out of their way to help you, they may offer assistance if you also help them. They may not offer help to your Rivals or enemies.
* Favoured- This faction considers you a friend and will aid you, perhaps not without cost, if asked. They may begin to hinder your Rivals.
* Ally - This faction considers you one of their own or a close Ally. They will aid you without asking for anything in return and will consider your Rivals as enemies of their own.

* Disliked - This faction's first impression was unfavourable, they won't go out of their way to hinder you, they may assist other factions that work against you or refuse you aid directly.
* Hated - This faction doesn't like you, they will actively work to attack, disadvantage or slander you. They may begin to consider those that aid you as enemies of their own.
* Rival - This faction considers you with utmost disdain, they will commit the majority of their time and resources into attacking, hindering and slandering you. They will consider any of your allies in a negative light and may also take actions against them.

Increasing a factions relationship costs favour tokens, you each start with 5 and each level has an associated cost. Neutral to Friendly costs 1, Friendly to Favoured costs 2, and Favoured to Ally costs 3. Therefore Neutral to Favoured costs 3, Neutral to Ally costs 6 BUT you may also hinder an enemy of a faction to gain favour points.

Finally, each token spent must have a reason, either explained through a backstory reveal, in play or during your characters downtime. For instance, Uselis Peasantus wishes to increase his standing in The Weighers from Friendly to Favoured but only has one favour token. He asks his local informant if there are any jobs available, he's told that there's a rumour that a Patrician on the Equiline Hill holds a artefact of Aphrodite that he uses to seduce women at his lavish parties. Stealing it for them would increase his faction standing to Favoured for only one favour token while lowering his standing with the Optimates, the faction that this Patrician belongs to. There may be other consequences of this action however, Uselis isn't a very good burglar and while he gets away with the idol it becomes common knowledge and rumours begin to be heard that Aphrodite herself was seen infiltrating Rome seeking her long lost items.

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    Populares (Marius)
    Optimates (Scaurus)
    Arcanae (Rufus)
    Equites (Military Officers)
    Plebian Houses (Quattro)
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    The Senate (Jupiter)
    Collegium of Vulcan (Conjuration)
    Collegium of Juno (Abjuration)
    Collegium of Mars (Evocation)
    Collegium of Venus (Enchantment)
    Collegium of Bellona (Illusion)
    Collegium of Mercury (Transmutation)
    Collegium of Janus (Divination)
    Collegium of Pluto (Necromancy)
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    The Vestal Virgins
    The Weighers
    Roman Jews
    The Cult of Romulus
    The Bacchanalians
    Fey - Nymphs of the Grove
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