- We cannot promise any specific date. You will be booked several months in advance, and there may be a lengthy wait for a spot due to the nature of the program. We'll find a date that works for all involved. Cancellations after confirming a spot will move you to the back of the line.

- This is a storytelling event, so a pure stand up comedy set, guitar recital, or poetry reading will not be added to the schedule. Please be honest with us.

- Your slot will be 80 minutes long. Going a little short is no big deal, but we ask you to plan to wrap up on time. A few minutes over is OK, but if you push it too far, we will have to cut you off.

- We welcome newer tellers, but this would not be the ideal time to tell your first ever story on stage. There are better places for that.

​- We ask that you commit to using this opportunity to its full potential. Forgetting about your slot until the day of and hastily reading some random old journals to fill the time would be a waste of your time and ours. Please have a plan, even if the work is raw, new, or incomplete. You don't have to be perfect, as this is a workshop, but we expect you to take the booking seriously.

- Tech is limited in this space. You will have a small stage, a wired mic and stand, and full room lighting. We most likely cannot accommodate any requests beyond this scope.

-We will promote the event, but it would be in your best interest to spread word in order to draw a decent crowd, fill seats with people whose presence you'd appreciate, etc. We will create a Facebook event for your night and make you an admin.

- Suggested donations or any sort of cover charge will not be permitted. There is no money in or out with this program.
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