12 Days of Christmas Swap Sign-Ups
Sign up for the 12 Days of Christmas blogger swap here. So happy to have you! This information will only be available to myself, and then some info (your name, address, likes, etc.) provided to your partner so they can email you.
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I need this for communicating with you regarding the swap, and it will only be shared with your partner so they can reach out to you and get to know you better.
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Introduce yourself briefly. Tell us a little bit about you, your family, your blog/social media, etc. Your partner should get to know you more in depth, but this will help them have a basic idea to reference, and it'll help me match you with someone I think you might like.
How do you celebrate the holidays? *
Are you an avid Christmas fan? Do you celebrate a different Winter holiday like Kwanza, Yule, Hannukah, etc.? Do you have any fun traditions? etc.
What do you love? *
Some great info to put here are things you're currently obsessed with, your favorite foods, favorite colors, etc.
What do you dislike? *
This is a great place to list anything you don't like... Certain colors? Certain foods? Certain themes?
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This is important to list so your partner doesn't send you anything containing an allergen.
Do you promise to follow the rules and send your package out on time? *
Please don't sign up if you can't fulfill your obligation to send out your package. We'd hate to see you left empty handed. IF something emergent should come up and you can't send it, please let us know ASAP.
Would you like to be a Swap Angel? *
A Swap Angel steps in and sends a gift or two if someone flakes or doesn't fulfill their obligation. This is how we can help ensure no one is left empty handed. If that happened, I'd reach out to you and ask you to send a little something along to the person who didn't receive a package. (In all my years of swapping, it only happened a couple of times, and many people stepped up.)
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