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For multiple students, please submit one form per student.
Classes will meet October through March on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 12:25 to 1:25pm. Transportation is provided.
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Mailbox Club
Our Bible Correspondence Lessons provide students with an opportunity to dig deeper into God's Word at their own pace. Completed lessons are graded and returned with the next lesson. Students earn $25 towards summer camp for every 3-4 lessons they complete!
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By typing my full name below, I confirm that I am the legal parent or guardian of the student named above, and give the student permission to be released from school on the dates and times indicated on this form to attend Bible classes. I also give Children's Bible Ministries of Southwest PA, the Released Time provider, permission to use video and/or photos of my child taken in class for promotional material. I also understand that my student's participation in Released Time Bible classes is expected until I give notification otherwise.
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