TBTM HAND UP PROGRAM: Mentorship Request Form
Welcome to the first step of your journey with The Better Tomorrow Movement Hand Up Program. This form as been designed to effectively identify and understand your requirements from a potential mentor. Based on the information you provide, our team will try our utmost best to find you a suitable mentor within a 4 week period. In order for this process to be most successful, it is imperative that you as a mentee take time to reflect on what specific areas it is that you want guidance and assistance on. Please be clear and precise in your responses to these questions so that we will be able to make the best match for you.
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Please include a brief description of yourself: your educational background, your hobbies, what you are currently doing now, and your objectives for the future. *
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We primarily use email for communication, but using WhatsApp has proven to ease communication in many instances. If you do not respond to our email within three days, we might text you on WhatsApp as a reminder. Please put N/A if you do not have a WhatsApp account.
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About you:
About your project:
Please use this section to describe your project and the areas in which you need mentorship. Read the questions and descriptions carefully and answer according to the instructions provided.
Is your project currently active? Or is it still in the planning phase? *
In 3 sentences, please tell us about the project that you are currently working on or want to start in the near future. *
This must be the project you want specific assistance with, through the Hand Up Program. Please be thorough in your explanation!!
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Use 3 key words or less to tell us what problems your project focuses on solving. *
E.g.: Poverty, Education, Human Rights, Refugees, Healthcare
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Use 3 keywords or less to tell us the main areas you are looking for your mentor to assist you in, through a mentor. *
E.g.: Funding, HR, Outreach, Branding, Finance planning etc. || Please be specific in the areas in which you need help from your mentor.
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Please provide a link to your project's website or social media or any publication if available.
This is so that we can have a better and broader understanding of the work you do through your project.
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