Cancer Awareness Survey
This survey is to assess cancer awareness through out Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN). OCHN is partnered with The National Behavioral Council Cancer CoP work group and is committed to increase cancer awareness and access to resources within our own practice, network providers and individuals served by OCHN. Please fill out by 10/31/17. Thank you for your support!
Please indicate how and if you are related to Oakland County's public mental health system.
Does your family have history related to cancer?
Do you think that obesity is a risk factor for cancer?
Do you believe that removing polyps can reduce your risk of developing cancer?
Do you know where to find cancer resources in your community?
Have you heard of the Monday Campaign?
Do you think that most breast cancer is discovered by monthly self breast exams?
Have you heard of BRCA testing?
Do you believe that a virus can cause almost all cases of cervical cancer?
Select common signs of cancer of which you are aware.
Have you heard of the Michigan Cancer Consortium?
Do you attend a physical appointment yearly with a doctor?
Do you believe that signs and symptoms of cancer often don't occur until the disease is advanced?
Do you think that individual's diagnosed with cancer have a heightened risk of suicide?
At what age is it recommended by American Cancer Society for men have a prostate exam?
Do you know if there is a preventative medication for people at high risk for breast cancer?
When do you believe that is it recommended to have a colon screening?
Alcohol can increase the risk of which type(s) of cancer?
Do you think that nearly half of all men will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime?
Is Hepatitis C is a risk factor for Cancer?
Is it recommended for people born from 1945 - 1965 get tested for Hepatitis C?
Does physical activity reduces your risk for certain kinds of cancer?
How many types of cancers do you believe exist?
Have you heard of the ABCDEs of Melanoma?
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