Boating with Whales in the Salish Sea: Post-season survey 2019
The core critical habitat of the endangered Southern Resident killer whale is located in the heart of the Salish Sea within the San Juan Islands. When Southern Residents are present in the Salish Sea during the spring, summer and fall there are vessels within acoustic range of the whales virtually all the time hindering their ability to navigate, detect increasingly scarce prey, and communicate.

In an effort to address vessel impacts around the San Juan Islands the County and the San Juan County Marine Resources Committee are piloting the use of a Whale Warning Flag.

This final post-season survey is part of this pilot study. The survey aims to measure public knowledge, attitude and actions related to boating with whales in the Salish Sea and the use of the Whale Warning Flag. The survey is anonymous and open to all interested in participating, but particularly those who are residents and visitors to San Juan County.

Thank you for your time. The survey is in 3 sections and should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.
1) Did you complete any surveys in 2018 or 2019?
2) Are you a resident of San Juan County? *
3) If you visited, where did you visit from?
4) Do you own a boat?
5) If yes, what kind of boat do you own?
6) How long have you been boating in the San Juans?
7) What is your main boating purpose?
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