Sierra Innovations University/Research Application for Consideration
Sierra Innovations includes a diverse group of investors and further mentors across all leading industries. Having vast experience with startups, SI understands that there may be knowledge gaps relative to your story. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. Completed forms should take 15-30 minutes to complete.
What is the name of your company? *
1. Are you locally based in Northern Nevada?
2. Which Nevada university are you affiliated with?
3. If you are not affiliated with a Nevada university, which university are you affiliated with?
4. What university research department do you currently work in?
5. Explain your idea, product, service, and/or solution in a brief 1-3 sentence explanation. Include key features and benefits.
6. Within which industry is your idea positioned?
7. What is your current stage of product/business development?
8. Is your idea/product/solution patented?
9. If you have one or more patents, who currently owns the patent?
10. If there are no patents, do you intend to apply for one and if so in what area?
11. Do you or any founding member of your team have startup experience?
12. Please list the professional titles of you and all team members and elaborate on your backgrounds.
13. Do you currently have any mentors/advisors?
14. Have you raised any previous capital?
15. If you answered 'yes' to the question above, how much capital have you raised and through what vehicle?
16. If you answered 'yes' to #14, please check all methods through which you fundraised.
17. Why are you applying to Sierra Innovations and what are your overall expectations?
18. If available, please upload your Executive Summary.
19. If available, please upload your current pitch deck.
20. Please list your contact information (include name, email and phone number)
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