VIDA Training October 22th - Creating an appropriate framework for collaboration in innovation projects: intercultural skills and consortium agreement
VIDA – Value added Innovation in fooD chAins aims to accelerate the implementation of new solutions in the food sector which improve the usage of water and energy with the ambition to reduce losses and consumption. VIDA has three different funding schemes to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) seeking new resource efficient solutions.

VIDA project also organizes 5 training online courses for the SMEs. The objective of theses courses is to boost the collaboration of the SMEs through innovation projects, by providing them tools to overcome the main challenges that SMEs usually face during the different phases of the development of projects. The 5 courses are built tailored towards the specific challenges encountered by SMEs with the aim of supply materials and knowledge that will be able to add value over conventional materials and information. The training courses will be focused in transversal innovation topics
of interest to all the SMEs, such as post project, communication skills, new European calls or how to create an appropriate framework for collaboration in innovation projects.

VIDA second training will take place on October 22th 2019 10:00-11:00 CET

This training course will show the cultural differences in Europe, which can lead to misunderstandings that may suppose destructive consequences for a cooperation. Som tools that can be used to improve the intercultural communication will be introduced. Finally, some specific tips for building successful international project teams and consortium agreements will be discussed.

The training engine will be Adobe connect.

Registration is required to attend VIDA traing courses. You will received your invitation to the webinar after the registration is completed.
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