West Calhoun Neighborhood Survey
Dear Neighborhood Resident,

Your neighborhood council surveys residents on a regular basis to try to learn what issues are of greatest concern and what actions you would like the Council, City, County or Park Board to take to improve our neighborhood. While neighborhood councils have little formal power, we can advocate in your behalf to government officials as well as spend the neighborhood revitalization funds, which we have received from the City, on neighborhood improvements.
This year we have tried to make the survey fairly open ended so that we cover a number of topics and give you a chance to tell us your priorities for action.

You can complete this survey on the web at https://forms.gle/1RKhMYwUYRE6Savt5, submit a print copy to any WCNC event this summer, or mail your completed survey to:

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council
3537 Zenith Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55416
In 2018 the name of Lake Calhoun was changed to its original Native American name of Bde Maka Ska. In light of that change, West Calhoun is considering a neighborhood name change. Which of these neighborhood names do you prefer?
How long have you lived in the neighborhood?
Are you a renter or a homeowner?
What is the most important general issue for West Calhoun in your opinion?
What is the most important safety issue for West Calhoun in your opinion?
Are there any West Calhoun intersections that as a pedestrian or bicyclist you avoid for safety reasons?
What is the most important renter issue for West Calhoun in your opinion?
What are events that you would like to see in West Calhoun? (For example, neighborhood happy hours, movie nights, wine tastings, ice cream socials--anything you can think of!)
What green space improvements would you like to see in the neighborhood?
Are you aware of the Minneapolis 2040 plan?
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