The Big Connect 2!
On Thursday 10th June 2021 we will be holding The Big Connect 2. The first Big Connect event was a great success with great partnerships and collaborations being made. Helping us foster relationships around improving Rossendale.

Out of the event came The Big Schools Connect where we collaborated with Chris Willan, Headteacher of Water Primary School and local GP Dr Emma Gladwinfield to help us make connections with all the schools in Rossendale and try to make sure physical activity was a part of every schools daily curriculum.

One of the things that stood out at The Big Connect event was children & young people's mental health and well-being. We will therefore be mainly focussing on this during our Big Connect 2 event and really trying to see things from a young persons perspective and share the current services for young people in Rossendale.

We will be hearing from young people across Rossendale about their experiences growing up in the borough and about what services they used and what they felt was missing.

This will lead us into conversations with each other about what we're already doing and how we can collaborate across Rossendale.

We'll also be hosting some break outs rooms in the afternoon, developing the plan for place.

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