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Presented by Queer Screen as part of Queer Screen's Mardi Gras Film Festival every February, My Queer Career aims to showcase the best in Australian short filmmaking of interest to, or created by Queer (LGBTIQ) identified screen practitioners.

Sponsored by the Stephen Cummins Film Trust – the Best Film award carries a $3000 cash prize as well as automatic entry into the Iris Prize. There are also awards in many other categories!

In 2020, Queer Screen celebrates 27 years of being Australia’s leading Queer Screen & Arts organisation and we are searching for the finest Australian short films to be part of My Queer Career at Queer Screen’s 27th Mardi Gras Film Festival.

Entries can only be submitted as an online link to view through download or stream.

Resubmissions are not permitted unless Queer Screen has requested it.

Entries close November 12, 2019.


Note - If you submit to My Queer Career you are automatically submitted for Mardi Gras Film Festival and do not need to fill out the MGFF submission form as well.
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Rules and Terms and Conditions
Regulations and conditions of entry
1. All films submitted must be about or of significant interest to the LGBTIQ/Queer community
2. Industrial, promotional and instructional films are ineligible.
3. It is Queer Screen's policy not to offer comments or reasons when submissions are not invited to participate.
4. Once a film has been submitted, it cannot be withdrawn.
5. Resubmissions are not permitted unless Queer Screen has requested the film be resubmitted
6. Queer Screen, its officers, agents and employees take no responsibility for any infringement of copyright, performers' rights, defamatory, illegal or obscene material or other liability whatsoever contained in or arising out of films/videos submitted.
7. There is no entry fee for submissions.
8. All non-english films must provide an exhibition copy with English Subtitles
9. My Queer Career is eligible for entry by Australian filmmakers only
10. Submission of a film represents agreement with the terms and conditions set out herein.
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I certify that I hold all necessary rights for submission of this film to My Queer Career, and if selected, grant permission to Queer Screen to screen the film in My Queer Career/Mardi Gras Film Festival (or any other screening event mutually agreed) and to reproduce a fragment of the film and/or use the films trailer for promotional purposes related to the festival or agreed screening.
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