What is the state of your technology?
The following survey will help us to identify any vulnerabilities or opportunities for improvement.
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Is your important data backed up to another location (cloud, alternate site, etc...)
Is your data backup protected from ransomware?
Do you verify the integrity of your backups on a regularly scheduled basis.
Do you have centrally administered anti-virus software on all of your computers?
Do you have a network security appliance/firewall that scans traffic entering and leaving your network?
If you have a network security appliance, are the subscriptions current?
Does someone manage your critical software updates to ensure you are patched and secure?
Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?
Do you have a business continuity plan in place to get back up and running if/when a critical system/server is not operational?
Do you have a password policy?
Do you have a social media policy?
Do you have a content filter to restrict the type of websites that can be viewed from your network?
Do you use your domain name for email addresses?
Where is your mail server?
Do you have a backup of your emails?
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