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The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP) is working across the 5 Gulf South states to anchor "Gulf South for a Green New Deal" (GS4GND). This formation will engage frontline communities to develop organizing and legislative priorities on the national call for a Green New Deal. Gulf South for a Green New Deal will leverage national momentum to support existing work on the ground in the Gulf South; uplift Gulf South community leaders and their expertise around climate justice, community sustainability and economic equity; and connect the Gulf South to a national movement towards racial, economic, and climate justice. This form is an invitation to partner with us and this movement.

You can participate in Gulf South for a Green New Deal in the key ways:
1. Connect the dots: Co-sponsor the Road to a Green New Deal Tour Stop on May 7 in New Orleans
2. Reimagine our collective future: Regional Policy Advisory Committee
3. Build power: GND Organizing teams

Please note that GS4GND is not currently endorsing any specific piece of legislation since no Green New Deal actually exists yet. Rather we are seeking to collectively build our own Green New Deal that advances long-existing work in our region, and ensure that the Gulf South (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL) is included in national decision making.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Emma Collin at
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1. Connect the dots: Road to a Green New Deal nation-wide tour New Orleans on May 7
The “Road to a Green New Deal” national tour is how the Sunrise Movement (a group of next generation climate leaders organizing around the call for federal legislative action) is highlighting communities already impacted by the climate crisis who are crafting their own solutions. For more information on the national tour, go to

On May 7, 2019 from 6-9pm the "Road to a Green New Deal" national tour stops in New Orleans. This tour stop is anchored locally by GCCLP and we invite all of our valued partners advancing climate justice, environmental justice, worker rights, human rights, land rights, tribal sovereignty, and cultural and justice work in the Gulf South (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL) to join us.

As a partner, your name/ logo will be included on all promotional materials and you will have space to table at the even upon request. To partner requires the following commitments:
1. To adhere to the Jemez Principles of Democratic Organizing (
2. To center and uplift local, frontline leadership.
3. To send an invitation to the May 7 tour stop via your member lists and social media.
4. To invite 3 other organizations to partner on this event.

Co-sponsorship is now closed for the 5/7 tour stop. Thank you!
Thank you to the 800+ attendees and 45+ co-sponsoring organizations who made our GS4GND launch such a powerful success!
2. Reimagine our collective future: Regional Policy Advisory Committee
We know that federal policy often excludes our region. For the rest of 2019, GCCLP is anchoring monthly calls to cultivate Green New Deal legislative priorities unique to the Gulf South. This policy platform can both be included in national policy conversations and submitted to elected officials and presidential candidates.
Would you like to join the Gulf South for a Green New Deal Regional Policy Advisory Committee? *
3. Build Power: Gulf South for a Green New Deal Alignment
In addition to policy work, the Green New Deal frame may be able to support long-existing and new organizing work on the ground. GCCLP is hosting monthly calls and meetings to make a collective plan to connect and strengthen organizing in our region and to actualize our vision in the Gulf South.

Organizing towards Gulf South for a Green New Deal is still taking shape, and being supported by local Sunrise hubs and other GS4GND partners.
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Thank you for joining Gulf South for a Green New Deal!
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